2-14-5 1F, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
at Nakameguro Station Exit (Toyoko line by Tokyu) 
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03 6451-0157




Our Credo


Hair Salon

We always start with hair.
Hairdressing, Hair science , Perming and Tinting, and of course Haircutting are our speciality. Among them, pursuit of technique , suitability and health of hair are most essential. 
As Our stylists and assistants are trained through world famous hairdressing methods, we are not only specialized in hairdressing for Japanese , but also good at world hairdressing.

Fashion Salon

We believe that fashion and hairstyle must be individual. Beauty standard always changes and it depends on time and place. We do not look for one final destination of suitability, but we are trying to create today's best or Tomorrow's. 
Say if you want have your hair cut into Bob, full or round shape would be suitable for you today, but  it might be better to be sleek tomorrow !
As Ideal look are changing by time, we strongly respect Mode and Mood. 

Life style Salon

The salon should be the place of relax where you always come back.
We are preparing a variety of therapeutic menu and haircare products for you.
You also find latest information about hair and fashion in the salon.

We look forward to styling you.