L'arte  Aoyama Salon
Arakawa Bldg Ground Floor, 2-12-8  Kita- Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
at Gaienmae Station Exit3  (Ginza line by Tokyo Metro) 
 For Appointment by Phone call 
03 3403-1935
L'arte  Nakameguro Salon               
Ground Floor, 2-14-5 Kami-meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
at Nakameguro Station (Toyoko line by Tokyu)
For Appointment by Phone call  
03 6451-0157
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Opening Hours

Mon-Friday  11:00-20:00 /Last minutes : Haircut 19:00,  Color or Perm 18:00
Sat/Sunday +National holidays 10:00-19:00 /Last minutes :  Haircut 18:00,   Color or Perm 17:00
Tuesday  Closed

30th  Anniversary

L'arte the Hair

We always start with hair.
Hairdressing, Hair science , Perming and Tinting, and of course Haircutting are our speciality. Among them, pursuit of technique , suitability and health of hair are most essential. 
As our talented stylists and assistants are trained through world famous hairdressing methods, we are not only specialized in hairdressing for Japanese , but good at world hairdressing.
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L'arte the Fashion

We believe that fashion and hairstyle must be individual. Beauty standard always changes and it depends on time and place. We do not look for one final destination of suitability, but we are trying to create today's best or tomorrow's. 
Say if you want to have your hair cut into Bob, full or round shape would be suitable for you today, but  it might be better to be sleek tomorrow !
As Ideal look are changing by time, we take great consideration in the mood as well as the mode. 

L'arte the Life 

The salon provides the place of relax where you are always welcome back. We are preparing a variety of therapeutic menu and haircare products. You also find latest information about hair and fashion in the salon.

L'arte In-Salon Gallery

Minoru Sasaki Solo Exhibition
i Place
2024.3.20 Wed - 5.13 Mon 
Contemporary Art collaboration series with Gallery kto


Gerhard Richter, Kerze 1,1988
COVID -19 is touching all of our lives and  our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our clients and salon staffs.
We are also intent on securing hygenic condition and ensuring that we are here for you to provide health and beauty all the time.
We are all very worried about  the impact that COVID-19 is having on our loved ones and daily lives. All of L'arte hair salon staffs send you  our very best wishes and look forward to bringing beatiful life back to normal with you.

Chill out

Every time,  The sharpest minds of metropolitans and Jet setters make sense of how the regular grooming and therapy affects your life. Before or After the Hairdo, We are very happy to make a coffee break with world latest magazines and Wi-Fi connections in the cozy lounge. Please make yourself at home


We are looking forward to styling you

Models Wanted

Instagraming is not enough!
the L`arte stylists want to collaborate with you to create an indivisual look for salon photo. If you are not bold enough to be photographic model, we are pleased to have you as staff-training model.  Haircut training models are always welcome to staff-training program for nothing.
For further inquiry and appointments
call 03 3403 1935
mail to  matsumoto@larte.co.jp

True Colors  

We have a large selection of permanent /temporary colors, suitable for various hair types and nationalities. Our experienced stylists and colorists offer nice & shine tint for indivisual look. Let's find your true color. 



Tailor Made

Gentlemens are always welcome to our salon. Precise measurement stems all the way to men's hairdressing. Great attension to datail and Suitability are the most crucial in Barbering. Moreover, we believe creativity modernize the traditional aesthetics further.
Well, we are good at tailoring men's hair too.


L'arte Nakameguro  
phone 03-6451-0157
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Just  a few minutes walk from the Nakameguro station (Tokyu-line), You will find  our petite atelier. L'arte nakameguro serves a range of contemporary hairdressing , but the organic based head therapy and hair treatment  are the stars  of the show. Salon director Nobuyasu Ohya and Stylist Tamaki Kawakami  only  take care one clients by thieir hands from pole to finish. Please book the session in advance. 

Haute Coiffure 

Our pursuit of technique is devoted to health and beauty in hairdressing. 
Basically we establish the haircut by a pair of scissors rather than using  razor and thining scissors avoiding any damages. Hair design is  always considered through the head shape and hair texture for the best suitability. Let's personalize your image with us. 

Less could be more 

Q  Why did you end up choosing Aoyama for your hair salon?
There are many trendy  boutiques and cafes that would give great services and inspirations in the area. Finally, we found  there is no other places like Aoyama where we could chase our dreams.
 Q  Are you good at haircutting for foreigners?
 Definitely, Some stylists have had a lot of work experience in hairdressing in other countries. We used to cut different hair types and colors as well. Obviously, Tokyo is a center of buisiness and tourism in Japan, so that we have lots of oversea clients.
Q How long will haircutting, or other services take?
Approximately, Haircut takes 1 hour and Perming and Tinting take 2 and half.
We always start with consultation to check hair condition and to find your favors. Shampoo and finishing are included in the haircut. Optionally, you may choose head and hair therapy menu too.
Q Who take my haircut in charge?
We have 4 groups of stylists depending on working experience; Creative Director, Art Director, Senior Stylist and Stylist.All the prices are subjected to category of the stylist in charge. Each hairdressers have a unique talent and experiences. If you do not have any idea choosing , we are happy to match your look.

 Keep looking good

The salon is not just the place where you dress. We offer well designed products to manage the hairdo.The range of professional products tested by our creative team of stylists, reflects our relentless pursuit of hair care and hairdressing items with a passion for excellence.


L'arte salon also offers the perfect experience in hair & scalp therapy. Coorperating with organic material such as harbal powder and essential oils and scientific technology, we prescribe a suitable head and hair treatments.
1. Ayulveda for scalp
India's oldest but modern holistic healing system " Ayurveda" is a great counter-balance to your stressed-out and polluted lives.
*Ayulvedic 25min  <Oil massage + scalp cleansing shampoo>  
*Ayulvedic 40min  <Oil massage + scalp cleansing/Hair treatment>  
*Ayulvedic 60min  <Oil massage + scalp cleansing/Herbal hair pack>
2. Hair science for hair
We believe that scientific technology also play a great role in hair, just like skin to help keeping it healthy, radiant and supple.
*Shampoo & Finish  ¥3780
*Hair treatment for Moist & Shine  +¥2160
*Deep hair therapy 《Tokio》 +¥5400

40 years ago,
Our history began.



 We originally started first and socond hair shop at Tsurumi in Yokohama. They are still running good and have high reputations aroud the area. If you are living nearby or visiting Yokohama port city, Why don't you pop in our original salon.
Rucys 1&2  045-574-0062
Mail to: rucy@larte.co.jp
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